Limit of Funding for Third Parties is 60k€? [closed]

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Dear sirs,  

We plan to apply to the 2nd Open Call of Organic City.

  When checking the instructions we noticed a reference to the AGA - Article 15. In this article it is stated that unless otherwise, the limit of a financial support that a project can provide to a Third Party is limited to 60k€.

  We were experimenters of the 1st OC and received already 10k€ in support.

  Does this mean that the maximum that we can receive now is 50k€ or this condition does not apply?
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asked Jul 5, 2017 in Funding Conditions by Roberto
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Hi Roberto,

Thanks for asking, we'll look at the fine print and come back asap. BR, /Jan-Olov, Organicity team

Hi again,

After checking, we can confirm that funding in the first open call will not affect the budget of this years open call. I.e. you may apply for up to €60.000 in OC2.

BR, /Jan-Oov, Organicity team
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