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Limit of Funding for Third Parties is 60k€?

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Dear sirs,  

We plan to apply to the 2nd Open Call of Organic City.

  When checking the instructions we noticed a reference to the AGA - Article 15. In this article it is stated that unless otherwise, the limit of a financial support that a project can provide to a Third Party is limited to 60k€.

  We were experimenters of the 1st OC and received already 10k€ in support.

  Does this mean that the maximum that we can receive now is 50k€ or this condition does not apply?
asked Jul 5 in Funding Conditions by Roberto

1 Answer

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Hi Roberto,

Thanks for asking, we'll look at the fine print and come back asap. BR, /Jan-Olov, Organicity team
answered Jul 5 by janolovj (1,280 points)