Can academic teams apply? [closed]

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I see in the information details that "individuals, local authorities, service providers, associations, organisations and businesses" can apply. I note that academic teams or universities are not mentioned in the list. I appreciate that academics count as individuals too, but wanted to ensure there is no reason that university-based researchers have not been listed and that there is no reason why they shouldn't apply.

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Yes, academic teams in eligible countries can definitely apply, with the exception of teams that are part of the OrganiCity project partners organisations. E.g. no part of University of Cantabria, LuleĆ„ university of technology, etc. can apply, we cannot award money to part of our own organisations to eliminate risk of favouritism (see list of partners in

Actually we mention "Research institutes" in, which is intended to include universities. 

Any "legal person" eligible for H2020 funding is also eligible for applying to the OrganiCity Open Call.

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