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If we want to host the Clinic in our city, where can we publish the event on your site?

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asked Jun 27, 2017 in General by erik (510 points)
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It's great that you are hosting a clinic! Send us an email to with the subject "I want to host a clinic".

Tell us:

  • who is hosting the clinic
  • the date & time of the clinic
  • the address of the clinic
  • a short description of what attendees can expect
  • a sign-up link

We will publish it at as soon as possible and also share it across our networks.


Belen, OrganiCity team


answered Jun 27, 2017 by belenpalacios (460 points)
Timing to host a clinic
Thank you for the istructions. I have sent all the above and haven't received any answer. Our clinic is already this wednesday and it would be great, if the news is poblished on your page as well.


Hi Erik, 
We can't find an email with the subject "I want to host a clinic" or containing "Erik". Could you please resend the details to
Did you receive a confirmation email stating something along the lines of "your ticket has been received"?

I have sent it again, pls check your spam, if its there.
Please let me know, if I could/should add more information for the Event.
I really cannot find your message anywhere (spam checked too). I don't understand where it could be gone, did you receive a confirmation?
Please, submit those details below as a reply so that we can get it published today to help you promote it.

1. Who is hosting the clinic?
- Municipality of the city Velenje

- SAŠA inkubator  

- Pattern.City

2. Date & time of the clinic:
26.7.2017 at 10:00AM

3. The address of the clinic:

SAŠA inkubator
Šaleška c. 2A
3320 Velenje

4. Short description of what attendees can expect:

Velenje Organicity
Municipality of the city Velenje in Slovenia will host four Organicity Clinics by 31st August 2017.
Intention is to successfuly implement Organicity platform in the city and provide best possible support for city experiments and experimentors.
First Clinic:
- Mapping available public and open data in the city - workshop 
- Velenje Organicity concept presentation with open discussion

- Discovery of real city scenarios - workshop 
Second Clinic:
- Organicity platform & Tools in detail
- City Scenarios workshop
Third Clinic:
- Organicity open Call - workshop

- Experiments workshop & matchmaking

Fourth Clinic:
- Support for all city stakeholders for succesful application to open Call 

We will meet every wednesday, same time, same place! 

5. Sign-up link:

I have sent it via 3 different mails which all work perfectlly, including my @gmail you should check your mail service, there might be more people trying to contact you without success.

thank you

Hello Erik,

your event has been updated in the Organicity web page (see here ). Sorry for the issues with the email.


Luis / Organicity Team

Thanks, it looks great :)