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I have few questions regarding new cities.
When a city wants to become new Organicity and wants to host experiments, what is the exact procedure?
Is it enough to host a Clinic?
What are the technical requirements for the city regarding hosting the platform?
What are the evaluation rules for accepting new cities?
How many new cities will get access to the platform?

Best regards and thanks for answers.
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Hello Erik,

there are different ways to involve a new city as mentioned in [0], for instance running your experiment in a new city not involved in Organicity yet. Section 3 in the Open Call instruction enumerates different ways to involve a new city (

From a technical point of view, becoming a new Organicity (i.e. new OC site) requires the federation of the city data in the platform as detailed in [1]. That way the federated data will be available through Organicity APIs. This federation requires to setup and maintain a server with the programs indicated in the mentioned link. It is worth highlighting that you do not need to host the platform, but just to connect your server to the core platform. The figure in [2] can give you an idea of this connection: Organicities are technically labeled as OC sites, and they use the federation API to inject city data to the platform.

There is not restriction to become a new Organicity, provided the ethics and privacy principles are followed ( Concerning the number of new cities, there is not restriction either. 





Luis Diez (Organicity member)

answered Jun 27, 2017 by ldiez (1,590 points)

Thank you for fast reply.

If I understand correctly, any city can become Organicity already now? ...and that just by creating new OC site
 and Following ethics & privacy list?
And that will give a city the chance to host experiments on its grounds?
As I have seen in the documents, you are just encouraging Clinics. Does that mean they are not mandatory?


Hello again,

yes, any city may become an Organicity. Regarding experiments, they can run on one or more cities, it would depend on the experiment purpose.

During the Open Call, experiment applications will be evaluated and a number of them accepted, according to a number of criteria. In the open call instructions you can find the different aspects taken into account during the evaluation.

On the other hand, it is also possible to run experiments without funding, as mentioned in the web page (

For a new city, it is not mandatory to host clinics, but it is extremely desirable for the city to co-create with different stakeholders to find challenges and solutions for such city. This would also include defining the experiments to run on the city, either with or without funding.


Luis - Organicity Team