Is it possible to retreive list of experiment assets with their attributes?

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We are doing meta data queries to retrieve all assets with same attribute value, for example, entity_type.
The query returns the correct assets, but without the value of the attributes.
Is there a way to retrieved a list of assets with their attributes, or part of them? In the documentation I didn't find any attribute search.

At the moment, the solution I'm thinking of, is after getting the list of the assets, to request each asset by its ID, to get the required attributes, but this approach will results with many requests, depending on the number of assets in the list, and is not efficient


asked Feb 20 by Ida Sivan

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Hi Ida,

currently the option you suggest is probably the best one. The overall design of the Discovery API is focused on the multi-parameter discovery, so that you can retrieve the data afterwards.

We are trying to find a more straightforward option. We'll keep you informed.


Luis / Organicity team
answered Feb 26 by ldiez (1,590 points)