Running expermiments in a new city [closed]

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1) Is there a preference towards running experiments in new cities vs. experiments in London, Santander, Aarhus? I.e. are you aiming to have a certain number of proposals from other cities outside of the three?

2a) If running the experiment in a new city, is it preferable to engage a wide range of partners (local authority, business, etc)

And if so

2b) Is it possible for the ”experiment group” to be formed of entities based in different countries? (i.e. the local authority and company can be based in AT, but an NGO partner is based in UK)
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1) There is no preference regarding "new" or "old" cities.
2a) You should engage a sufficient range of partners for the intended experiment. The application will be evaluated e.g. on the feasibility to execute the experiment. Note that stakeholders such as e.g. local authorities in most cases should be contacted, but need perhaps not be partners with part of the budget. But you need to show that you have permission to do what you intend to do.
2b) Yes, as long as all entities are based in eligible countries.

BR, /Jan-Olov, Organicity Team
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