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Can a company based in a different country apply for the city challenges in UK, ES, DK? [closed]

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Is it possible to apply for the city challenges in London, Santander and Aarhus if the company is based in a different EU country?

Is there any kind of difference in evaluation if the applicant is not based in the country where the experiment in taking place?
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asked Jun 21 in Evaluation Process by irinaparaschivoiu (280 points)
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Yes, you are able to experiment also if your company is based in another EU (or other eligible) country.

There is no difference in the evaluation based on where the applicant is based, but the applicant should show that they are able to carry out the experiment.

Please also note that we welcome applications for experiments in "new" cities besides Aarhus, London and Santander.

BR, /Jan-Olov, OrganiCity Team
answered Jun 21 by janolovj (1,600 points)