Edit the type of profile to apply the Second Open Call [closed]

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I firstly created my profile as an startup, but finally I want to apply as an individual person. I am able to edit my profile such us name and others, but I am not able to change the type of profile.

Do I need to create then a new entire profile with login & password?

Thank you so much!

Leticia Herrero
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asked Aug 30, 2017 in 2nd Open Call by letihs (120 points)
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Hi Leticia.

Not sure if I understand your question exactly.

If your question is about how you have registered in the F6S system as such, then this does not affect your applications.

If you want to apply to the OrganiCity open call as an individual, you should state this in question 4. Please let us know if you have any problems selecting "Individual citizen" here.

BR, /Jan-Olov, OrganiCity team
answered Aug 30, 2017 by janolovj (1,600 points)

I am facing some problems when trying to complete the form as the contact mail (question 3) or the registration number (question 5) is not showing the information that I am writting and I thought it could be because of the origin of my profile as an start up.

Is it related then with data protection (the information is saved but not shown) or is it a tech issue?

Thank you!