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Hi. Our experiment will add an extra data set to OrganiCity. As we understand it, this is not a problem, although we might have to host it on our Azure cloud service. But, we also plan on developing an interactive web solution, to will expand on some of the features that the current Data Observatory tool has. Thus, our question is, whether it is OK that we provide and experiment with a "basic IoT" setup, using the default OrganiCity tools and API's, but also expand with a more advanced solution, in the shape of an interactive webpage?
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what you describe is perfectly fine. I'll elaborate a bit below.

Regarding the dataset, in Organicity you store context information (namely, information describing your data and, if necessary, indicating the endpoint to retrieve historical data). Besides, we can also provide storage for such historical data is needed. All in all, what you describe is fine.

Concerning the "interactive webpage", it is also fine. The Organicity tools aim to provide common features/functionalities, on top of which you develop tailored solutions for your experiment.


Luis / Organicity team
answered Aug 30, 2017 by ldiez (1,590 points)