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We are planning on bringing a technological SME on board as a partner.

Can we list the company itself as a collaborating partner (questions 8 and 24) or should we include the individual staff members that will work on the project? If the former is possible, how should we reflect this in our budget, and what will be required to justify the cost in the future?

Thank you.
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Partners in your experiment group can be definitely be an SME and you should the company and not individual staff from the company in Q8 and Q24. However if relevant you can describe the experiences of key staff members from the company in Q24 if it is relevant for arguing that the experiment group has the right competencies to carry out the experiment.

Regarding the budget can you clarify what question you need to have answered regarding bringing in an additional partner to the team?


answered Aug 22, 2017 by Sebastian, OrganiCity

The question about the budget is: should the company as a whole be considered as a single team member (using only one row and estimating the overall daily rate and working days for the whole company), when filling in the budget template?

2 partners - 1 budget template?