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I have some questions regarding the budget, namely the staff costs. In the Open Call Instructions page 12 it says:

Regarding staff costs, the eligible labour costs will be salary amounts actually incurred and paid (monthly / hourly). Note that the number of working days per year for the organisation is based on full time working days per year, less standard holiday allowance. Sick days, waiting time, training days and non-productive time are not eligible as part of the salary calculation.

  1. What if the co-owners of the company don’t currently hold a work contract with the company, even though they will work on the technology development? Is the timesheet sufficient proof? (under Austrian legislation in an OG company, the owners get paid without having a work contract. An OG is a type of private entity which is different from limited reliability company, I believe it is quite Austrian specific)
  2. Is there a max / min hourly / daily rate for the team members in the project? 
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Can I also clarify that what is meant is Personnel can only be charged at salary costs e.g. if I earn £100k and there are 200 work days in the year my allowed day rate for Organicity would be £500. Therefore, the day rates can't include overheads etc.

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A) The "Day Rate" should be based on salary, as noted in the question. If you as co-owner don't hold a work contract and thus not have a formal salary, you should use base the day rate on a salary that is comparable for the kind of activity you will perform in the experiment. In later reporting (should your experiment be funded), you will be asked to validate your costs.

B) No, there are no max/min daily rates, but very high rates lead to less effort possible within the budget, and will affect the evaluation of the feasibility to carry out an experiment.

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