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I am not sure whether questions 8 (listing collaborating partners) and 24 (experiment group) are overlapping - if we are a main applicant (experiment lead) having a variety of skills within our team but also collaborating with other entities (City Hall, other institutions) should we list them as well under question 24? In other words, is question 24 about people in the team or also entities / organisations? They all bring an added value to the project.

Also, should this be reflected in the budget? We are collaborating with institutions which have a role in the project, but will not have an allocated budget, also because they are not allowed to (municipality employees for example cannot get a fee other than their salaries).
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asked Aug 14, 2017 in 2nd Open Call by irinaparaschivoiu (280 points)
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Dear Irina,

Thank you for your questions.

Question 8 and 24 are about the partners (companies, individuals, etc) who are involved in your experiment group. Question 8 is simply listing the basic information about the formal partners in your experiment as per the described format. Question 24 is more open and is meant to help us understand if you have the ressources and competencies it takes within the experiment group to carry out the experiment. You may describe additional partners that is not part of the experiment group in question 24 if you deem it relevant to describe the added value they bring to it.

Regarding the financial question I will have one of my colleagues answer this.


Sebastian / OrganiCity
answered Aug 15, 2017 by anonymous