Partnering with Aarhus (or London or Santander)? [closed]

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We're based in Aarhus and have a good relationship with the Municipality of Aarhus and would naturally consider including them in our project. But as I understand, we're not able to team up with any of the official OrganiCity partners.

Does this automatically rule out any sort of cooperation with the Municipality of Aarhus (and London and Santander) or will this only be the case if we were planning to include them in the budget/funding of the project?

If they "provide us" with e.g. a school for doing our experiment, some interaction (hours) with teachers, students or the school's mangement but without them receiving any funding, would this automatically disqualify our application?

- Kim
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Hi, I would like some sort of written input on this.

If we want to work with e.g. schools in Aarhus - how do we do this without disqualifying our application?

- Kim

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You cannot have any of the OrganiCity project partners (e.g. City of Aarhus) or any of their subsidiaries etc as partners (receiving funding) in your experiment. This is due to that we (as project partners) cannot award funding to "ourselves", even if it is a different part of our organisations.

However, you can (and should) describe how you intend to engage stakeholders in co-creation. So if you intend to involve city officials, teachers, administrators, students (though not underage), etc, in order to succeed with your experiment, without them receiving funding, that is quite OK.

BR, /Jan-Olov, Organicity team
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A follow-up question to your comment about students.

Does this mean that we cannot work with kids in a school in e.g. a focus group to learn about their (general/anonymous) thoughts on our concept and how they use it?