Question 26: budget [closed]

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Q1.Effort Research & technology development (RTD) (working days)
If I read this right this is for the development and build of the different application/devices?? or does the build need to be under other??

Q2. Other direct costs
If I Understand this right, in other direct costs under Effort Research & technology development, this is for the different materials that are needed for the build/development?? while under other might include transport???

Q3: upload
Does the document need to be uploaded as an excel or are a PDF ok???
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Q1. "Effort" equals personnel costs (salaries and social security, etc). Everything related to technical development, building application goes under "RTD". "Effort Others" is networking, dissemination, etc.

Q2. The "Other direct costs" (not personnel costs) should be entered according to the type of activity.
I.e. costs related to developing, building, etc, should be entered under RTD, and costs related to networking, dissemination, etc, should be entered under "Other"

Q3. Excel format

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