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How can I apply more than one project? [closed]

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There isn't a limitation of Experiment applied for this 2nd open call. I've just submitted a project but I cannot understand how applying other proposals.

Thank you
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asked Aug 3 in 2nd Open Call by Daniela
closed Nov 16 by ldiez

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3 Answers

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To work around this limitation of the application facility, try submitting the application from the profile of another team member. Sorry for the inconvenience.



OrganiCity team
answered Aug 3 by kseniia
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thank you!

you mean I need to register to the f6s twice with different email addresses.

I tried to create another team profile within the first registration but I cannot apply the second project.


answered Aug 3 by Daniela
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Yes, you need to submit each proposal from new e-mail.
answered Aug 4 by kseniia