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We had already two successful clinics in the city and there are few general questions that we would like to ask:

1. When the New City OCSite is established by City municipality, are we able to conduct experiments outside 2nd Open Call subvention? Are we as a city able to provide access to the platform to city experiments also after the call is finished? ...Or is this just one time opportunity and after 31.march 2018 there will be new rules and some possible payment business model? Could you explain a bit more about this aspect of sustainability of the platform from perspective of the New City.

2. If experimenter develops specific pipeline with platform tools for conducting experiment, and this pipeline could work as part or final solution, is then possible to somehow export the code of the full pipeline and reuse it in the city solution? What are possibilities and restrictions of doing that?

3. Scenario :: New city establishes OCSite and citizens apply to 2nd Call. Non of the Experiments is successful in receiving fund from the Call. Is it possible for this new city to fund this experiments itself? When we are able to conduct experiments outside call? What are restrictions?

There is more :) but answering this three will fill a lot of gaps we have in understanding the concept of the platform.
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answered Aug 8, 2017 by Sebastian
I am sorry, but where?
experiments and copyright for coding
I got the answer, Thx Sebastian.