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Dear colleagues, in our suggested experiment we aim to use data already gathered by members of our team plus new data generated in the city context throughout the experiment. We would like to confirm that the ownership of those data-sets will remain in our team, so that in case our experiment is successful to proceed with further development and exploitation after the end of the project without facing any property right issues between OrganiCity and our team members.
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You will own the results of your experiment.

While the experiment results will be owned by you, OrganiCity partners and their affiliated entities will have a royalty free right (i) to use and permit use of your experiment results that are changes and additions to the OrganiCity Facilities for any purpose; and (ii) to use and permit use of any other of your experiment results if needed for implementation of the OrganiCity research project. You can read more about the property rights in OrganiCity Experiment Agreement (section 5: Please note that the Agreement is work in progress.



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