Describe Experiment Group - Same staff to report? [closed]

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When we describe the experiment group, should we include all the staff whose costs will be reported later in case of successful proposal?

It is to say, can the experiment group change in the course of time, if necessary?
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An experiment group is a team that will perform tasks towards the implementation of the experiment. You should describe your main personnel for the project and their skills in the relevant field of the application form. If your team lacks some skills and you plan to subcontract, you should make this explicit, too.

If you include the costs of the main experiment group in your budget, you will have to account for these personnel costs. Same goes for subcontracting. Timesheets, invoices and other documents, demonstrating the eligibility of the costs should be available. Please note that it is also possible to co-fund your experiment or experiment without requesting any funding.

We understand that there may be circumstances in which you will have to change team members. That's ok. The Experiment Lead is responsible for notifying OrganiCity about such changes in a timely manner. However, you cannot request more funding than allocated, even if your costs are higher than planned due to any changes.



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answered Aug 2, 2017 by kseniia