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Data types - some extra questions

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OK, got the message about backup and data availability :)

Just checked this article + your input

Please correct me, if I'm wrong:
-  some data types can include data itself in a string form, integer value, boolean value etc ...
- an asset can also include extra information like metadata, coordinates, description etc...
but for data types like PDF, picture, movie etc... data it's not stored locally in OC site and is instead presented with URL that points to that data (and is stored at client itself)

That also means that we shouldn't expect large amounts of data? Plus I guess there is also some compression at file level?

Thanks Matjaz
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asked Jul 31 in Technical Environment by matjaz.antloga (420 points)

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exactly, data assets store pieces of context information, called attributes in NGSI jargon. Typically it includes last values, location, timestamps, etc. The attributes can also have metadata. 

As you mention, data as files (PDFs, pictures, movies, etc. ) are just referenced by a URL. That's the reason the amount of data (i.e. memory resources) is not that high, since we work with context information. 

Regarding the compression at file level, it would depend on the system you use to store those files. 


Luis / Organicity team

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