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Hi there,

so if ALL data is replicated from local OC site to Organicity, can we deploy new site and restore data from Organicity in a case of local data loss? Or not?

Also a bit unclear, about data types. Does picture or movie also count as data? That would mean large storage consumption. Even if it doesn't, I guess you have a hard limit at Organicity?

Thanks, Matjaž

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Hi Matjaz,

we might help you to restore your local storage from the data in Organicity central Orion, but it would only restore the last updated data. Anyway, let's try to avoid data losses :).

Regarding data types, we have to keep in mind that we are storing context information, somehow we store "how to access information". In this sense, what we are for movies, pictures, etc. is to store the URL to retrieve it as an attribute


Luis / Organicity Team

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