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As a technical contact for Velenje Organicity project I propose to build a local site, I've already asked a question about sizing. We discussed some details today and using AWS or Azure cloud was also one of the proposed options. I believe using local site with some DR option will be fastest  - local support, latency etc ... and most autonomous option, but wondering if this is also by the book recipe to build a site?

Thanks , Matjaz
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Hello again Matjaz,

as answered in your previous question, setting up a site does not require much, having in mind that you will  NOT replicate all Organicity but you will deploy a local storage federated to the Organicity infrastructure. The deployment of a new OC site is not very demanding concerning resources.

The recipe to set up a site is the one in the tech. docs. 


Luis / Organicity team

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Cloud or on-premise for OC site