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Hi Organicity team.

I know HW part may be less significant in your story, but one has to start somewhere.  We are setting up an OC site in the municipality of Velenje, Slovenia. BalkanCloud is doing IT part. We will first setup pilot then move services to dedicated infra - datacenter. Can you give away specs - technical requirements for the OC site apps? We would like to have all needed services that are needed for the platform to work even in the case of internet failure. That means that all critical services must run local inside city - on premise.  We will also provide Disaster Recovery part - somewhere local + our cloud DR center. I'm sure it's hard to estimate sizing  without real numbers, maybe  some rough estimate - on a real example? 

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the only requirements to set up and OC site are the ones commented in the tech. docs. In a nutshell, when you set up and OC site, you federate your data with Organicity, so that the data of your site are also in the "central Orion". 

​Besides, the "apps" and experiments are at Organicity level, so there would not be something like "OC site apps", but "apps" might use data that you have federated.

When an OC site is set up, new data created or updated is also updated in the "central Orion". So in case of Internet access failure, there is not much to be done (i.e. some updated will not happen).

All in all, when you create a new OC site, you do NOT replicate the whole Organicity infrastructure, but you just federate your data. In this sense, the only requirement is a server with some storage to run what is detailed here .

Please, let us know if we can clarify it further.


Luis / Organicity Team

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Hi there,

so if ALL data is replicated from local OC site to Organicity, we can look at it as a backup. In a case of complete loss of data at local OC site, can we deploy new site and restore data from Organicity? Or not?

Also a bit unclear, about data types. Does picture or movie also count as data? That would mean large storage consumption. Even if it doesn't, I guess you have a hard limit at your site?

Thanks, Matjaž
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