Is SensiNact available to use? [closed]

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asked Jul 24, 2017 in Technical Environment by anonymous
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yes, SensiNact is available for the second Open Call. You can find the list of tools and further available services here.

We are aware that there might be some misalignment between main webpage and technical documentation web page, we are working on it. Please, consider the content in the technical documentation as the most up-to-date. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Luis / Organicity Team

answered Jul 24, 2017 by ldiez (1,590 points)
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yes , SensiNact is available to use , it is a horizontal platform dedicated to various smart city and smart home applications . And also it proposes an IDE based on eclipse to manage the existing devices .
answered Aug 8, 2017 by Daniel (120 points)