Historical Data Points and UDO outputs [closed]

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Can we have more than 1000 historical data points?

And can we output as complex geometry in the UDO?
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asked Jul 24, 2017 in Technical Environment by anonymous
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concerning the first question, in the second Open Call we will provide storage of historical data for those experiments that require so; then, yes you can have more than 1000 points of historical data. 

Besides, in the first Open Call, we limited the number of data assets per experiment to 1000, what caused issues to some experimenters. In the second Open Call there will NOT be such limitation.

Regarding the complex geometries, as far as I know, the UDO would not be able to represent complex geometries, even if you can store them in the assets. Anyway, if you could provide more details about what you want to represent we may double check it. 

Please, use different question for different issues so that other people can track them. Remember that you can also use the helpdesk to receive support.


Luis / Organicity team

answered Jul 24, 2017 by ldiez (1,590 points)