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Dear sirs,

 can you please clarify when the co-creation activities are expected to be done and for which purpose? I cannot understand if they are expected to support the confirmation that the idea beyond the experiment is good (thus should be done before starting the experimentation) or it is a validation of the produced service with citizens and other stakeholders.

Moreover, can you clarify question 24 of the submission form: "What is the balance between co-creation and technical skills in your group?". Do you refer to the ability of organising and running a co-creation event?

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1) Co-creation is a strategy where diverse stakeholders collaborate and produce a mutually beneficial product/service together. Therefore, the experiment should treat the expertise of multiple stakeholders as important throughout the whole process of product/service development. This can be done, for example, by hosting regular co-creation interviews, workshops, sessions and other activities/events. It is not necessary to engage into co-creation activities before starting the experimentation, just describe in your application what you intend to do and why. You can read more on how co-creation goes beyond user testing at  

2) Yes, the question refers to skills and experience that the team members bring to the experiment. Co-creation skills are those that, for instance, will allow experimenters to engage with citizens and other stakeholders, analyse data and facilitate service/product co-creation in other ways, relevant to your experiment.



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