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I would like to know if an experiment where the data are created using a portal (sort of catalogue of traditional shops) that is provided by the experiment itself is eligible. In such case, the PA does not offer the data on top of which the service is constructed, but will have access to the data, together with the data generated by the app during the usage (e.g. preferences of citizens itineraries, feedback on purchase experience, suggestions for improvements of mobility etc...)
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asked Jul 13, 2017 in Evaluation Process by Eva
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Hello Eva,

complementing the data used by your experiment with other sources is not a problem. In fact, if your experiment is part of an ongoing project, it is understable that you do not break your implementation to interact with Organicity.

Said that, it is also important that you interact with Organicity, either consuming or creating data. You may consume data that can be afterwards complemented with external data, or you can feed Organicity with new data created by your experiment (ultimately you applications).

Please, let me know if it asnwers your doubts.

Best, Luis Diez - Organicity Team
answered Jul 13, 2017 by ldiez (1,590 points)
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