What are the requirements do participate as an individual (as in private person, not organised in an legal entity)? [closed]

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- I'm thinking of creating a start-up but I have no legal entity yet

- I'm a Belgian (Belgian pasport), living in Norway.  Experiment would be in Oslo

- Plan is to be experiment lead and coordinate with Oslo City and researchers from NMBU University Ås
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Well, as both Belgium and Norway are eligible countries, it is quite OK for you to apply, just follow the call instructions. There is no big difference when applying as an individual compared to as a company/organisation. As an individual you will need to provide your unique national identification number, which in Belgium seem to be the: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rijksregisternummer.

If you intend to have partners in the experiment, you will also need to provide their respective individual or company/organisation identification number.

BR, /Jan-Olov, OrganiCity team
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