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I would have some elucidations about this aspect in the online form for Organicity application:

"Experiment Lead: Registration Number You are required to provide a registration number for your country of residence to ensure that you are eligible. In the case of an organisation, provide the relevant registration number of that organisation in your country, such as a VAT number. For an individual this may for example be a national ID number, or passport number. Please contact us via the helpdesk if clarification is required"

Where can I find the registration number for Italy? Do I Have to insert it in the online application form?
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asked Jul 7, 2017 in Evaluation Process by anonymous
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The unique identification number shall be inserted in the application form, for the experiment lead as well as all experiment partners. This is a requirement from the EU, to ensure that recipients are eligible for funding, i.e. that they are registered in an eligible country. This is the id number which is unique to you, as an individual or as a company/other organisation. For Italy, individuals appear to be identified with:

Companies/other organisations usually have a VAT number. If you represent a company/organisation, your economy/administrative department will surely know which identification number to use. VAT numbers can be checked to be valid at:

BR/ Jan-Olov, OrganiCity team
answered Jul 7, 2017 by anonymous